Special Event Residency: Eline Benjaminsen

Launched in 2014, the artist in residency program addresses emerging photographers, offering them a platform to develop their personal work, a framework for research and experimentation, as well as a context for meaningful dialog with the multiple sides of a social, urban and natural environment. One artist is selected by the jury at the end of the Portfolio Days and awarded a residency at the CNA.

Accommodation and travel cost, as well as an honorarium, support with organization and creation are taken in charge by the CNA. Furthermore an exhibition and a publication follow each of the up-to 10 weeks residencies and are presented during the next edition of the Portfolio Days & Night.

In 2014, the Irish artist Paul Gaffney was awarded the residency at the CNA for his series “We make the path by walking”. Over the course of his residency from 2015 to 2016, Gaffney travelled the length and breadth of Luxembourg on foot and by night. The resulting creation “PERIGEE” was exhibited at the next edition of the Portfolio Days & Night in 2016 and accompanied by a publication. The winner of the 2016 Portfolio Days & Night was the Italian artist Ezio D’Agostino, who was awarded for his series ”14.644”. In his exhibiton 'NEOs' and the publication of the same title, D'Agostino chose to explore Luxembourg's economic development from its steel industry past, to the financial services industry of present, and on to its future with the SpaceResources space programme.

On the occasion of the sixth edition of the Portfolio Days & Night which was held from June 7 to 8, 2019, the jury made up of 5 international experts from the world of photography elected its third winner who was offered a residency followed by a publication and an exhibition at the CNA.

The Norwegian artist Eline Benjaminsen, nominated for the Portfolio Days & Night by Iris Sikking, was selected from a pool of 23 international artists for her work 'Where the money is made'.


" We were hugely impressed by the quality of work seen over the past two days. So much so, our shortlist was actually a long list. But the jury came to an unanimous decision, and I am very happy to announce that the winner of this years residency is Eline Benjaminsen.
Without limiting herself to a certain methodology or medium, her concern is on contemporary power structures in a capitalist system that affects all of us, in this case high frequency stock trading.
‘Where the money is made’ succeeds in giving us a mental image of an intangible phenomenon that we don’t see, but which is conditioning our lives."

Statement by Emma Bowkett, president of the reviewer's jury

During her residency at the CNA,  Eline has developed a personal project entitled Collapsed Mythologies: An annex to the Geofinancial Lexicon which will be exhibited at our water tower in Dudelange from April 24 to June 27, 2021 



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