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The CNA's primary mission is to ensure the safeguarding of the national audiovisual heritage of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg It is an archive that acquires and preserves the Luxembourgish moving image, photography and sound heritage for the future. 

Building up the Grand Duchy's national heritage through the collection and presevation of Luxembourg's audiovisual memory.

The CNA acquires new material via a variety of avenues. In all cases, acquisitions are subject to a written agreement or equivalent legal understanding between the donor, depositor, vendor and the CNA.

Legal deposit - In this case, the physical items become the property of the CNA. The copyright remains with the original copyright holder. The exact conditions are detailed in a Grand-Ducal Regulation.[1] You can find all our information sheets concerning any legal deposits here.

Donation – ownership of the items transfers to the CNA. Copyright may also be conveyed partially or in full as part of this transaction but usually rests with the original copyright holder. The Médiathèque, at times, receives donations of books fitting the collection policy, which are either integrated into the Médiathèque or into the archives, depending on the document’s physical and cultural value.

Deposit – items are lodged with the CNA but ownership and copyright remain with the depositor. According to the contract signed with the depositor, the CNA may manage the access, publication and re-use rights. Retrieval of Items for which the CNA has invested resources in are subject to monetary compensation from the depositor.

Bequest – the CNA welcomes such contributions on the basis of agreed selection and relevance.

Purchase – The CNA becomes the owner of the purchased items. Copyright may also be conveyed partially or in full as part of this transaction but usually rests with the original copyright holder. Purchases are made from a variety of sources: 

● Directly from creators or their right holders

● CNA grant programs

● CNA residency programs

● CNA exhibitions and events

● CNA commissions

● Other sources (antique dealers, flea markets, galleries, auction sales...)

● Collectors 

[1] See and



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Selection Criteria

Selection forms an integral part of the archiving process. The subject content, quality and other pragmatic issues concerning a collection all play a role in collection development and collection management. Selection, consciously undertaken on the basis of clear criteria, ensures controlled and careful decision making. This allows the CNA to efficiently guarantee the security of the moving image, photographic and sound heritage considered to be of long-term cultural-historical value. 

Except for works acquired by the CNA via legal deposit, inclusion in the collection must meet at least one and preferably more of the following criteria: 

● Fits within the objective of preserving, presenting and studying Luxembourgish moving image, photographic and sound heritage and its historical as well as technological development

● Contains a high degree of information concerning social or historical events, considering Luxembourg society, politics, culture, economy, nature, environment, science, sports, architecture etc.

● Was created by or related to public personalities or well-known persons from Luxembourg

● Has received a prize or an award

● Documents or relates to cultural heritage works from other areas (theatre, music, dance, etc.)

● Has high informative and/or (re-)use value in that it is considered to have long-term artistic, sociological, cultural, historical, political and/or scientific value

● Demonstrates a medium’s technical evolution over time 

● Completes or enhances the value of a work already in the collection

● Is considered rare or unique: by subject, author, artistic and/or technical value and authenticity

● Is a format that has sufficient technical quality to meet contemporary re-use needs (e.g. VHS is not considered ideal) unless the content is considered rare and meets one or more of the above criteria

● Is relevant to the history of media in Luxembourg (Author, subject, technical aspects, genre, period)




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