The CNA Media Library offers a VOD (video on demand) service called Kanopy.

Kanopy is an ad-free video streaming service that gives users of the Media Library access to programs of all kinds - movies, documentaries, foreign films, classic cinema, independent films and educational videos that inspire, enrich and entertain. 

Kanopy's rich and often unique content can be enjoyed on your TV, mobile phone, tablets and online and the Media Library offers you 5 free films per month. Two sections are available for unlimited viewing - The Great Courses and Kanopy Kids.

To use Kanopy and access its collection, you must be registered with the CNA Media Library (registration form here (Pdf, 177 Kb)) and complete the registration form for Kanopy (Pdf, 49 Kb). To confirm the registration and receive your personal code, send a scan of your two registration forms to mediatheque@cna.etat.lu.


FAQs - Kanopy

Why we chose Kanopy

As a library specializing in audiovisual, we chose Kanopy for its adapted content. They have a large offer of films and documentaries on cinema, music and photography which completes our own collection perfectly. The documents on this streaming site are often not available in DVD / Blu-ray format, so it allows our users access to new and rare content. 


The Kanopy platform comes from the United States, where it is specialized for libraries and universities. The content is,  therefore,  mostly in English still, but they plan to expand and add more material in different languages. 

To search for movies by language, click in the search box at the top of the page and press enter. On the left you will find the different filters, including "Languages". By selecting one of the languages you will then be shown all the films on Kanopy in that language.

The only Luxembourgish film on our Kanopy platform at the moment is "M. Hublot" in the Kanopy Kids section.

Where to watch

Kanopy can be viewed through many different channels, you can download it as an app, for your laptop / TV / tablet (Kanopy supports iOS and android devices) or watch on your computer. Follow this link for more information. 

You can watch the films across Europe, there are no geo-restrictions on your Kanopy registration.

Play credits 

If you are accessing Kanopy through a public library, you will have access to a monthly allotment of play credits, which will allow you to view videos on Kanopy (the number will vary by library). The Médiathèque offers 5 free films per month and your play credits are reset to 5 on the 1st of every month. You will see a "play credit tracker" at the top right of your library's Kanopy platform to alert you of how many play credits you have remaining for the month. The Great Courses and Kanopy Kids categories are unlimited viewing.

Great Courses is a series of courses, guides or workshops on various themes that consist of between 6 and 60+ episodes. To find them, enter Great Courses in the search bar and choose from the list.

For more information on Kanopy's play credits, check out their web site

What's the difference between an access code and a reader code

Following your registration you will receive two codes from our Media Library:

  1. A reader code which is your personal reference number as a user of the Luxembourg Bibnet library network. This code will also be on your membership card and allows you to connect to our catalog, a-z.lu. With your card you will be able to register in the 86 other libraries that are part of the network and take advantage of their unique offers, such as e-books!

  2. An access code for Kanopy. This unique code is necessary for the activation of your Kanopy account. It is different from the reader code because Kanopy is not connected to our network of libraries. You only need this code once when registering on Kanopy for the first time in order to activate your account.
What to watch on Kanopy

To help you find your way through Kanopy's large collection, we have created several thematic playlists:

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For any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via mail at: mediatheque@cna.etat.lu.

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