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The CNA's Médiathèque, a member of Luxembourg's library network bibnet.lu, is a lending library whose collection can be consulted remotely via a-z.lu or on-site. The CNA media library is unique in Luxembourg and offers a collection of audio-visual material and ressources in the fields of cinema and photography. 

 Its missions are to collect specialized documentation on the various uses and techniques of the audiovisual sector as well as artistic and cultural documents relating to the audiovisual field,. Open to the world and accessible to all, the médiathèque aims to make its resources accessible to the public, to  transmit audiovisual culture and to promote audiovisual creation in Luxembourg.

The media library's collection consists in works related to cinema, television, photography and music. The collection furthers the creation of a diversified audiovisual culture in these fields, as it encompasses actors, directors, photographers and composers as well as techniques (such as centering, digital photography, or photoshop, to name only a few). 

Furthermore, the media library's DVD - Blu-ray collection is representative of the worldwide cinema production. You will find mainstream movies alongside films that will delight any cinephile, such as auteur films, experimental cinema and documentaries. These DVDs can be viewed on-site or at home, via our lending system or VOD.

The CD collection encompasses classical music (both vocal and instrumental), soundtracks and world music.

Moreover, the CNA media library offers a video on demand (VOD) service called 'Kanopy' catering to a variety of different audiences, with programs of all kinds - documentaries, fiction films, children's films etc. 

In its role as a cultural mediator, the Médiathèque organises events for children and adults on a regular basis, such as kids' film screenings and themed discussions on cinema and photography, as well as workshops.  Discover the entire educational program here. The CNA media library also participates in occasional events, in order to further the discovery of specific film genres (e.g. the animated movies day, the documentary festival PlayDoc, book and copyright days).




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In order to best present its funds to the public, the Médiathèque offers you new thematic selections every month!






Subscription is easy and free of charge

Every adult residing in Luxembourg or in the neighbouring regions can sign up to the media library for free, on presentation of a valid ID. Children from 3 to 16 years of age need to be signed up by a parent or a guardian.

You can download (Pdf, 177 Kb) the registration form here, fill it out and bring it to the media library to complete your registration.

Personal User Account 

Users with a valid subscription will receive a membership card with a barcode. 

Members can access their personal account via the online catalogue with their barcode or  membership number combined with a password (5 first letters of their last name). Members can carry out bibliographical research and extend item loans and reservations. 

Free Loan

  • 10 documents for 2 weeks ;
  • Access and loans are free of charge ; 
  • Periodicals can be consulted on-site only.

Archive Library 

The precious collection is made up of around 500 works such as exhibition catalogs, artist books, monographs. These documents are in the process of being inventoried on A-z.lu, they date from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. 

More than 250 periodicals have also been conserved in the CNA's paper archives since June 2016. The documents entering these funds are included because of their rarity - limited or signed editions - or their uniqueness. The Media Library also regularly receives donations of books from Luxembourg artists or audiovisual specialists, which are incorporated into this collection. 

The historic collection deals with the history of Luxembourg cinema (Evy Friedrich Fund and Fund of the Catholic Student Youth Association JEC) and Luxembourg's photographic heritage (Kutter, Ketter, Urhausen). Some documents are linked to photographer Edward Steichen and the exhibitions The Family of Man and The Bitter Years.

The contemporary collection is based around the CNA's activities and projects (exhibitions, photographers' residency). The exhibition catalogs and other works of the CNA are kept in this collection to document the editorial production activity of the institute.

These documents are only available for consultation on site, on prior request and only by appointment.



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