The Portfolio Days and Night are a project developed by the photography department of the Centre National de l’Audiovisuel (CNA) in Luxembourg as a forum for contemporary photography. Since its conception in 2009 the event has greatly evolved – has become more cosmopolitan in its outlook and larger in scale – whilst always maintaining its missions to further the exchange on photography and to offer a platform to talented modern photographers. 

Originally the event was focused only on the photography scene in Luxembourg and the Greater Region and was conceived as a single evening event, the 'Portfolio Night'. The purpose of this first Portfolio Night , on 24.01.2009, was to present a panorama of the photographic creations being produced in the region. In doing so, the event aimed to introduce members of the cultural sector, users of photography and potential patrons (such as agencies, magazines, editors, cultural institutions…) to new, still unheard of, or rediscovered talents. In order to achieve this goal the evening consisted of a projection of 58 selected portfolios accompanied by live music in the presence of the photographers. Meanwhile the convivial, relaxed and festive atmosphere encourages the direct exchange with the artists and created opportunities to establish contacts for future collaborations. The next two Portfolio Nights (06.02.2010 and 05.02.2011) were organized along the same outline and in pursuit of the same objectives, with portfolios by about 40 different photographers presented each year. 

After a break of several years the Portfolio Night was revisited, restructured and relaunched in 2014 as a triennial event. While the event remained a forum for contemporary photography, its scope was expanded to an international level, offering thirty photographers from all around the world an opportunity to present their work. In order to better fulfill its purpose of supporting the creation and diffusion of photographers’ works, the Portfolio Night was reinvented as competition with the first price being a residency at the CNA. In its new incarnation the event was extended into a two-day celebration of photography – thus the new name 'Portfolio Days and Night'. On two consecutive days the artists are given the chance to present their portfolios to an international jury, composed of various experts from the field, and a selected group of guests. At the end of the Portfolio Days the doors are opened to the general public for an evening celebrating photographic art, which has become a fixture in Luxembourg’s cultural calendar: the Portfolio Night. In a friendly and festive atmosphere with live music, the public is welcomed to discover the work of the participating photographers. As part of the festivities the winner of the best portfolio, selected by the reviewer’s jury, is announced and awarded a residency at the CNA.


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Over the years our Portfolio reviewers have included: 


  • Raphaël Biollay, Festival Images Vevey
  • Jens Friis, Curaot at Brandts Museum and editor of KATALOG magazine
  • Rebekka Reuter, Curator at OstLicht, Galerie für Fotografie
  • Evgenia Sveshinsky, Research, curating and production at Image Matter
  • Giulia Zorzi, Director of Micamera Milan 
  • Danielle Igniti, Independent Curator and former director of the art
          centers Gallery Nei Liicht and Dominique Lang
  • Daphné Anglès, The New York Times’ European Picture Coordinator 
  • Andrea Copetti, Founder Tipi Bookshop 




  • Michaela Obermair, Co-Director Eyes On 
  • Elina Heikka,  Director The Finnish Museum of Photography 
  • Karen Mc Quaid, Curator, The Photographers’ Gallery
  • Emma Bowkett, Curator and Director of Photography Financial Times FT
          Weekend Magazine
  • Marta Dahó, Freelance curator, researcher and teacher of History of
  • Caroline von Courten, Editor Foam International Photography Magazine 
  • Andrew Phelps, photographer and curator at Fotohof Salzburg
  • Michèle Walerich and Daniela Del Fabbro, Curators, CNA


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