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The archive, museums, cinemas and Médiathèque of the Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA) acquire, preserve, exhibit and provide access to the most important audiovisual and photographic collections of and about Luxembourg. These collections and services are available to a growing number of private individuals, communities and professionals. 

The CNA is the primary reference source for the audiovisual and photographic heritage of Luxembourg. Its goal is to offer a portfolio of services, including education and training, all supported by a focus on its rich and dynamic collection: its contextualization, digitization, sustainability and accessibility. With knowledge, infrastructure, and services designed to ensure sustainable access to this heritage, the CNA intends to remain an engine of collaboration, and especially, innovation in the cultural heritage, new media and education sectors. 







The CNA Collection(s) – an overview

Dans le cadre des missions qui lui ont été confiées par la loi, le CNA collecte des œuvres audiovisuelles et photographiques ainsi que des documents qui les contextualisent. The CNA collects audiovisual and photographic content as well as supporting collections (such as books, written documents, objects, etc.) within the context of its missions defined by law. The CNA’s collecting activity focuses on Luxembourgish works and works relating to Luxembourg. Its core collection content is produced by media professionals and artists as well as amateurs. 


The Photography collection is composed of more than 500,000 items that encompass both historical as well as contemporary works. Photographic processes include daguerreotypes, cyanotypes, autochromes, paper prints (e.g. silver-gelatin), negatives (glass, acetate, nitrate, polyester), diapositives (including magic lantern slides) and digital born files

Moving Images

CNA’s moving image collections include photochemical prints (8mm, S8, 9,5mm, 16mm, 35mm and some less standard formats such as 17,5mm and 28mm) and a variety of videotape formats (1”, 2”, 3/4”, different Beta types). It also includes digitized and digital born items. The CNA acquires moving image collections through two channels: legal and voluntary deposit. Since 2009, legal deposit is the statutory obligation for every moving image producer in Luxembourg requiring them to deposit the entirety of their production and co-production at the CNA.


The CNA's audio archives currently contain more than 60,000 sound recordings registered on various physical media. Media represented include lacquer discs, magnetic tape, vinyl recordings, cassettes (compact, DAT, etc.), audio cds, miniDisc and native born audio files. As is the case within the Moving Image Collection, any sound production, including radio programs broadcast in Luxembourg, is subject to legal deposit. All phonogram publishers are required to deposit a copy of the edition to the CNA.

The audio recordings fall into a variety of categories: radio broadcasts, commercial recordings, amateur recordings and oral histories.  


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