Special Event So So Summer Äre Summer am Pomhouse

"So So Summer" is a project developed by the Centre national de l'audiovisuel (CNA) in order to enhance its archival collection and highlight the richness of Luxembourg's audiovisual heritage. Since the first edition in 2013, the event has become more transversal and multimedia in its approach and has taken on more of an “after-work” element. The unusual setting of ‘Waassertuerm + Pomhouse’ with its idyllic terrace contributes greatly to the relaxed and summery atmosphere of 'So So Summer’.

At its inception, the event was mainly focused on the promotion of audiovisual heritage preserved in the archives of the CNA. The event consisted of three evenings dedicated to themes well represented in the archives: holidays, Luxembourg advertising spots and the traditional Schueberfouer. Through the screenings of these ‘archival treasures’, guests were invited to take a trip to Luxembourg's past.


The next editions of So So Summer followed much the same pattern with the same goal of ​​“delving into the past”. The event took on an increasingly festive character thanks to the involvement of renowned DJs from Luxembourg and the collaboration with cafes and caterers, such as Vagabond or Mesa for catering.

In 2017, the event was redesigned and restructured as a summer program spanning both July and August with a party every Thursday evening. If the event remained a platform for the promotion of archival material, its field of action was extended to a more transdisciplinary and multimedia level. Thus, the CNA invited Carlotta Moore and the Cojellico’s Jangen as “special guests” in order to confront the archives and the two collections by Edward Steichen with new contexts and give rise to new readings. Another new feature in the program in 2017 was the collaboration with the non-profit organization Openscreen to organize a "Best-of Openscreen 2014-2017" screening evening.

In 2019 the keyword was “collaboration”. For the 2019 edition, the CNA decided to perpetuate its partnership with the City of Dudelange and to work in collaboration with several other institutions from the Luxembourg cultural sector to strengthen the multimedia and festive character of So So Summer. The So So Summer summer program was therefore the result of cooperations between the CNA and the City of Dudelange, the 'Centre de création chorégraphique luxembourgeois trois C-L', the 'Fotoclub de Dudelange' and 'den Atelier'. 

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