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CinéStarlight 1b, rue du Centenaire , L-3475 Dudelange , Luxembourg
From 2022.01.28 19:00
to 2022.02.04 23:00
Normal: 7€ Reduced: 6€ < 12 years: 5€

The United Nations General Assembly has designated January 27, the day of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp, as theInternational Holocaust Remembrance Day. Around this date, Zentrum fir politesch Bildung and its partners organize numerous educational activities as well as public cinema screenings.


Dem Leben entgegen – Kindertransporte nach Schweden

28.01.2022 | 19:00

Dokumentarfilm über die sogenannten Kindertransporte, bei denen Eltern jüdischer Herkunft ihre Kinder allein auf die Reise nach unter anderem Schweden schickten, um sie vor einer Verfolgung und Ermordung durch das Nazi-Regime zu bewahren. Schweden gewährt so ungefähr 500 Kindern Schutz vor den Nationalsozialisten. Die meisten Kinder sahen ihre Eltern nie wieder und trugen schwere Traumata davon.

Gülseren Sengezer
Schweden, Österreich, 2020 / 90 min / Norwegische Originalfassung deutschen Untertiteln / Documentarfilm



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The Unforgiven

04.02.2022 | 19:00

Can a war criminal come to terms with the past, when he has committed what is possibly the worst of all crimes: torturing and executing innocent victims in the unholy name of war? Esad Landzo has asked himself this for years and has finally come to a realization: he must meet the people he victimized during the Civil War in former Yugoslavia 25 years ago and ask for forgiveness. For it is only through reconciliation and pardon that Esad can set himself free. As he sits with a picture of himself as a child, he barely recognizes himself, wondering about the source of all that evil. The Unforgiven confronts Esad with his victims and with himself as a young man in this dark, personal tale of evil, self-hatred and forgiveness. However, the psychology of war is a bleak and inaccessible territory, stretching far beyond Esad’s personal, heart-breaking story.

by Lars Feldballe Petersen
Finland, Denmark , 2017 / 75 min / English and Bosnian OV with English subt. / Documentary, History 

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