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Centre national de l'audiovisuel 1b, rue du Centenaire , L-3475 Dudelange , Luxembourg
From 2021.09.20 08:00
to 2021.09.24 18:00
Uwe H. Martin
full : 150€ reduced : 75€
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English, German

VISION LAB – How to build a sustainable media practice, reach new audiences, and initiate change

Things were great, when you left school. You were full of dreams of traveling the world to write or photograph important stories, shoot amazing films, leave an impression and help change the world. Yet, just a few years later, „Real Life“has crushed most of your dreams and plans. You are constantly running to keep the wheel of the media threat mill spinning, be it on your staff job where the constant cost cutting take away the very sair to breath, be it as a freelancer where you often ship less than exciting work just to keep the lights burning and the bread on the table.

Every now and then, there is a story, a project, a collaboration that still excites you. However, there are increasingly more times when you think about leaving journalism, film, photography, the creative world all-together. But you are not ready to give up yet.

This workshop is for you.

This is a wide open, deeply personal, challenging and hands on Vision Lab for people with the desire to develop journalism / film / photography beyond traditional limits, reach new audiences, build a sustainable media practice and to initiate change.

The workshop will cover a wide range of alternative publication and financing strategies for documentary work, dive into grant writing, expert status, personal brand and professional identity, focus on the long-tail and explore what makes projects connectable to contexts far beyond media. At the same time you will be developing your own vision, projects and strategies.

About the trainer

Uwe H. Martin is an independent visual storyteller, slow journalist and educator. His long-term projects, which combine photography with documentary film, text and sound, focus on the great environmental issues of the Anthropocene. Using a slow journalism approach, his projects on the social and environmental consequences of global agriculture build bridges from traditional journalistic publications, such as Geo and Süddeutsche Zeitung, over linear web-documentaries and interactive apps, to spatial installations at art institutions.

Uwe initiated (together with Ursula Biemann) the collaborative art and research project World of Matter, that investigates primary materials and the complex ecologies of which they are a part. Recognizing the urgent need for new ways to finance quality freelance journalism, Uwe also cofounded RiffReporter, an innovative collaborative ecosystem and business incubator for independent journalism. His newest endeavor is the experimental Salton Sea Sustainable Salt Community that offers regenerative solutions for a planet heating up.

Uwe teaches journalism, photography, filmmaking and multimedia storytelling at universities and journalism schools around the world and also leads workshops ranging from water policy to urban climate adaption.



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