Learn  |  Workshop  |  Young audience La magie bleue ! Workshop for Kids

Centre national de l'audiovisuel (CNA) 1b, rue du Centenaire , 3475 Dudelange , Luxembourg
The 2021.07.01 from 14:00 at 17:00
Séverine Peiffer, photographe
Individuel: 7€ Collectif (maison relais, foyers, crèches, etc.) : 50€
Number of participants:
English, French, German, Luxembourgish

La magie bleue !

Workshop for kids from 6 to 12


Come and discover how to make a photogram - a photograph without a camera - with a cyanotype, a monochrome photographic process by which we obtain a Prussian blue or cyan blue print.

You will learn how to make a simple sheet of paper sensitive to light, then with small objects found here and there, or small plants or flowers picked outside you will create fantastic and magical images only with the help of the sun. This is blue magic!

After some work on paper, you will also make fabric creations, for example a t-shirt, bag or cushion cover that you can use later and proudly present to your family and friends. An unusual photographic object 100% hand-printed and moreover, useful in your everyday life!

To bring: white cotton t-shirt and / or cushion cover (max. 30x30 cm) in unprinted white cotton.




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