Événement  |  General Public LandRush - Free Guided Tour

Pomhouse 1b, rue du Centenaire , 3475 Dudelange , Luxembourg
The 2021.06.13 from 16:00 at 17:30
Frauke Huber & Uwe H. Martin
English, German

Free guided tour of the 'LandRush' exhibition with the two artists Frauke Huber and Uwe H. Martin

Admission is free, no reservation necessary.

LandRusH –Ventures into global agriculture is an artistic exploration of the social and environmental impact of agriculture around the world.

Frauke Huber and Uwe H. Martin have been documenting the social and environmental consequences of global agriculture since 2007. Using a slow journalism approach they build close relationships with farmers, ranchers and fishermen; and interview policy makers, activists and scientists. Their projects have grown organically, chapter by chapter, in a constant cycle of research, production, and presentation. This open process allows their work to surface in ever-new contexts, gradually building bridges from magazine publications and documentary films, linear web documentaries, and interactive apps to spatial installations at art institutions.

For the first time this exhibition brings together all three chapters of Huber and Martin’s ongoing investigation.


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