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PHOTO/FILM - 2019/08 - Workshop: Multimedia Storytelling - Story/Production lab

Public cible : Photographes et réalisateurs professionnels ayant participé à la masterclass Digital Storytelling proposée par le CNA en 2015, photographes et réalisateurs professionnels, étudiants en photographie ou audiovisuel ayant un projet transmedia en cours de développement et ayant commencé à produire des élèments.

Nombre de participants : 8

Prix : 120€ / 60€ (reduced price)


­This workshop is for participants who are already in the process of working on a personal project or visual story. The participants will meet up for 4 days of intense development work for their linear, non linear or trans-media projects.


This is a wide open and individual production lab. Possible outcomes range from a trailer, a finished linear web documentary, a storyboard for a scrollytelling story to developing an idea how to build a bridge from print, online and mobile publication into spacial installations, a financing plan, a strong proposal or a concept how to build a larger narrative from individual projects. 

Terms of enrollment:

Please send in an application file with:

  • A biography

  • A short portfolio of max. 15 pictures

  • A short description of a project idea to be realized in the workshop

Dead line for the application: 20th of September, 2019.
Please send your application to the following email address: formation@cna.etat.lu

Dates : October 23th to 26th, 2019

Price : 120€ / 60€ (reduced price)

Number of participants : 6

Language : English, German

Public : Photographers, directors, journalists who are already in the process of editing material for their trans-media/multimedia project.

Infos & registrations :
T. +352 52 24 24 702