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Documentaire/Court métrage


Réalisation : Jean-Louis Schuller, Sam Blair

  • Durée : 52
  • Version originale : Sans paroles


In Hong Kong and Macau four gamblers take us on a journey into the world of winners and losers created by a culture of speculation, addiction and debt. 

Gambling has long been part of Chinese life, but, with a society increasingly divided by rich and poor, an obsession with winning easy money has intensified, with more and more people pinning their hopes on games of luck and fortune.

Through personal stories High/Low reveals an emotional search for belief and identity in money-centric modern China.

(Source: samsa.lu)

Equipe technique


Equipe technique

  • Image: Jean-Louis SCHULLER
  • Son: Sam BLAIR
  • Production: Anne SCHROEDER

Produit par: Samsa Film. Avec la participation du Fonds national de soutien à la production audiovisuelle du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg.